Unlock Unparalleled Pleasure with the 6 Best Penis Extenders of 2024! Here’s Our List of Top-Rated Products!

Choosing a quality Penis Extender can be a difficult choice.

With so many different options picking the right one for you will require days upon days of research.

I’ve taken the time to thoroughly test each brand to break down their strengths, their weaknesses and the performance they bring to the table so our valued readers can make an informed decision when choosing the best penis extender for them.

It can be difficult to chose the best system so we have selected the most effective extender for you: The Quick Extender Pro.

#Best Penis ExtenderBenefits


Quick Extender Pro
Our Pick



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  • The most powerful penis enlargement device on the market.
  • Provides up to 45% increase in overall penis size, the best on the market.
  • Exclusive DSS (Double Strap System) eliminates pinching, discomfort and slippage.
  • The only 2nd Generation Penile Extender available.
  • Developed by medical professionals.
  • 100% Medical grade and hyppoalergenic materials.
  • Lifetime warranty and Money Back Guarantee
  • Fastest recorded gains in 1 month.


Size Genetics
58 Way Comfort System


  • Comes in white!
  • Originally designed to help with curvature correction easily
  • The ONLY 58 Way Comfort System Available
  • Faster Gains
  • More Comfort
with stretching belts

  • Good, but Quick Extender Pro is much much better
  • Can be used for 12 hours per day and even at night 
  • Mechanical stretching stimulates new tissue formation
  • 1.0…1.9-inch length and girth increasing after about 3 months

The Research

A penis extender is one the most innovative medical devices in the last 50 years.  A compact and convenient device, the penis extender such as the popular Quick Extender Pro will exert controlled tension to gradually increase penile length and girth quickly and safely.

Best Enlargement Instruments Are Released with Stretch Units of All Sizes

  • Scientifically Proven In Medical Journals
  • 100% Safe and Effective Permanent Enlargement
  • The Most Comfortable Extender Available
  • Zero Slippage, 100% Constant Tension
  • 2nd Generation Penis Extender
  • None

Products released by trustworthy manufacturers result in fabulous effects. But isn’t it hard to find a manufacturer that can be trusted? Let’s have a thorough look at it (some scientists have already succeeded in it: (1)).

The right product is very easy to find because it is usually available in multiple versions of different sizes for all potential users. Study various models on the website of the manufacturer.

  • Comfortable Device
  • Ships From UK
  • Results take longer to appear than other systems
  • Pinching reported by users who are uncircumcised
  • More frequent breaks are needed

Three series are available:

  1. The Quick Extender Pro series – the most powerful and most comfortable;
  2. The SizeGenetics series – decent quality;
  3. The PHALLOSAN forte – good instructions;

To choose what device is more preferable (a pump or an extender), you can find your own reasons.

But we have to say that pumps can be problematic because of abnormal using.

You can easily hurt your dick by keeping the pump too long on it or fixing the pump incorrectly. Extenders are optimized for safe wearing without longstanding discomfort.

  • Pumping system
  • Several caps included (3 sizes)
  • Too much blood enters the penis head causing uncomfortable swelling
  • Difficult to apply and remove
  • Expensive Parts and Spares
  • Uncomfortable strapping around the waist over short periods of time

How Do They Work?

All extending instruments are designed to stimulate the tissue by pulling. Ordinary they will create a vacuum. Additionally, there are stretch belts keeping up the results achieved with the main devices.

The aim is to change the size of a male organ on a permanent basis. This magical tool can produce a really strong erection. Longer, continuous training will help you achieve greater goals: length and thickness growth. It can also be useful with an unusual penile curvature condition.

These tools can be helpful from the medical point of view. They are suitable for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and poor sexual performance. The positive effects of use are quite visible. This increases self-confidence making a user horny and ready for sex. The more often you train, the more efficient your little friend will be. The tissue is stretchable, and the tension increases the blood flow in the vessels of the cock shaft, swelling it up enormously. You can use an extender for long-term growth. Besides, it’s particularly suitable for increasing the glans size.

That’s a king standing out of the crowd of other penis pump models. It’s a perfect choice fo the beginners as it is VERY user-friendly.

Just follow the manufacturer’s instruction and use the contraception sheath or protecting material when using.

The extenders are so cool in terms of simplicity and hygiene. However, you should remember, that if you really want to achieve the goal of enlargement, you’ll need strong discipline. Many users fail because of its absence. This enlargement instrument facilitates the daily training immensely, making it a pleasure. You should use every day, for 8 hours: not necessarily consecutive but not less per 24 hours.

Most Important Qualities

In addition to the simple functionality and use of the device, its expansion function speaks best for the quality of the product. It is one of the best-selling models of its kind on the market. The enlargement function is accompanied by impressive medical qualities.

It is an excellent treatment for erectile dysfunction, Peyronie (abnormal penile curvature), and the infamous premature ejaculation. Intensive training with SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro or PHALLOSAN forte device can reduce physical damage and increase your self-confidence thus making your libido stable. Here’s the list of advantages:

If you want to do something to make your male organ but don’t feel like pumping your dick in the shower when it’s necessary to be good, you will make the right choice with this guy. The device can be used under any circumstances during the day (even when sleeping but with caution). Daily use of just 6 hours, intermittently, is often sufficient. In comparison to the pumps giving quick but short-term successes, these extenders demanding a long use will give you stable results. This is, of course, the best way to improve your self-confidence enormously.

The testers liked it more than other similar products because the whole process is gentler and mechanical but more caring in a certain way.

A conventional vacuum pump with a measuring device, electric or manual, is very mechanical and non-erotic.

DSS penis extenders will give you a different effect. This is an essential advantage of the painless enlargement tools.


A Penis Extender Gives Best Results

Such models are basically designed to enlarge the male organ. In the long-term, as a device that really adds up to the length and volume. And it actually works.

Anyone who thinks of a penile extension as a “sexual disability” treatment is led by misconceptions. It’s a multifunctional and versatile tool in the right hands. The principle of extension is the same as it has been practiced on the African continent for millennia with lower lips and ear lobes. The tissue is stretchable.

Regularity and stability of your everyday training will work perfectly for both tissue enlargement and reinforcing of the blood vessiles in the penile area.

Doctors also prove that stretching belts and main devices can be perfect as additional mechanical treatmens for the penile curvative.

They will not replace regular medications, but they will speed up the process.

You should be sensible with your personal expectations. Manufacturer’s promises may not correspond to your unrealistic expectations. The growth of 7.5 centimetres in length and 2.5 centimetres in thickness are quite possible. This certainly requires years of persistent training, but it is possible.

However, all our experiences speak of an overall increase of about 2 inches and thickness growth of about 0.5 inches, within 24 months, approximately. The SizeGenetics instrument seems to have an amazing effect. The longer the training (with necessary pauses), the greater is the visible success.

Not every man uses a mechanism like this on a regular basis to turn his splendid organ into an unrealistic pleasure tool permanently. One of the best things is that you can enlarge your male organ where and when you want: at work, at home, in other people’s houses, etc. The increased size remains for several hours. Some men can use this device as a sex toy, however, it doesn’t seem to be very romantic.

Extenders vs. Penis Pumps: Which is Best?

The clear advantage of a pump is the use of water. But it’s the main problem, too. The training process is quite simple and intensive, but you need water to use it correctly. And a conventional pump or a stretcher can take a lot of user’s patience when used for prolonged training.

The water pump is easy to use and easy to clean but needs special conditions for using. Water also has the advantageous effect of relaxing the tissue, and you always risk to cross the line and push stronger that your penis can withstand. With the air-vacuum expansion tool, you won’t find yourself in this situation.

Nothing should be forced. It’s an important principle. Many factors play a role in a lack of concentration: alcohol, nicotine, unhealthy eating.

The SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro, and PHALLOSAN forte versions make it easy to focus on the essentials.

In this way, it is possible to turn your entire consciousness off and do the thing without being too focused on the matter of handling or spending. The goal is to use the devices properly, without wearing the stretching belts too tight. Then, the mechanical friends make the handling simple and pleasant.

All models sold on Amazon take no more than 8 hours of everyday use. Of course, if you are working towards a permanent success, you can also use a combination of this model and a stretcher like the Bathmate pump.

For example, if you don’t want to wear the stretch belt during the day, a Bathmate tool in the shower and a stretch belt during sleep can be an excellent solution. Muscle building techniques such as carnation, exercise of the pelvic floor muscles,and relaxation exercises also have additional positive effect.

What About Medical Use?

Its design alone with a scale certainly implies a body-related use for your physiological and psychological conditions.

It treats not only physical imperfection of your male organ.

It helps you deal with the problem on the psychosomatic level. Some men think that their dicks are too small and an extender will demonstrate the real picture. Both your mind and body will be healed. Additionally, you’ll also experience pleasure.

Also, the SizeGenetics or Quick Extender Pro device will bring you a larger shaft, a larger glans, a longer erection, a more massive ejaculation if you use them regularly and actively.

You should be persistent, consequent, and patient. A penile curvative, which has developed over the years, cannot disappear at once. The same is applied to erectile dysfunction. Every problem in this world can be eliminated in a long-term perspective.The endurance during training is therefore a decisive factor. 

It can be medically indicated as a replacement for surgery for extreme penile curvature. Similarly, an erectile dysfunction detected by the physician can be successfully treated with such a device.

The psychological effect of growth should by no means be underestimated.

Many men will be surprised at how much energy their dicks have. Used as a sex toy it produces impression on a woman, amazing her and arousing her sexually.

The vacuum effect of the mechanical extension tools does quite astonishing things:

Training Steps with the SizeGenetics

You’ve ordered it from Amazon and received it immediately. You are in the bathtub or in your bedroom. Start applying when you’re a bit aroused and half-erect. Just relax and stimulate it with your hands and maybe warm water.

Kegel exercises for men can also be useful – they’re effective not only for the muscles but for the urinary system and blood flow as well.

Now you can use your SizeGenetics piece. Put it on and wear it for a total of one hour, with breaks every 15 minutes. Remove the extension item every 15 minutes. Don’t be afraid about your dick being cool or cool: this is normal. You and your cock are completely fine unless it turns purple. The device will also allow you to get used to wearing and taking it off.

You can do a few sprains with a twist to restore circulation.

And we recommend wearing baggy pants, WITHOUT TRUNKS, and let the extension simply hang when you wear the SizeGenetics (or any other similar model).

On the other hand, the SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro, and other models can be used in order to get a long-term, actual improvement in size and scope, in sexual drive and your self-confidence. This usually requires intensive practice over a long period of time. Medical use is also implied. You can literally handle the problem yourself if you suffer from penile curvature, erectile dysfunction, or insufficient size.

If you’re planning a long-term penis enlargement, you should take rest days. Start your training on Monday and give your body some time to rest on Tuesday. Don’t do any exercises, too. It’s just like a rehabilitation period after a regular physical exercise. It’s a healthcare issue – rest days are very important.

On Wednesday, you need to increase the time. Put the extension tool on as a whole 1 hour 30 minutes, then take 4 breaks of 15 minutes. Now, you should perform circular tensile movements to restore the blood circulation. And during the last 30 minutes, try to wear the extension item without removing it. If it does not work out properly, take a 15-minute break again (but try to manage without them).

On Thursday, you make a day of rest again: no extensions and no exercises. On Friday, your goal is to stretch your dick for 2 hours by taking breaks only every 30 minutes.

That’s why it is important to try to wear an extension cord continuously for the last 30 minutes on the third day.

You wear an extension cord for 30 minutes. Take a break, do stretching exercises for 30 seconds. And repeat it 4 times.

Then you can arrange a vacation for 6 and 7 days. You have already done enough on Friday yet. And now, the first week is over!

It was devoted to getting used to the extension device, to putting it on and taking it off.

But make sure you do not feel any pain or tingling while wearing the extension item. So we recommend to use SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro or PHALLOSAN forte. You can choose the most comfortable configuration that suits you best with them.

Step 2 (week 2): you increase the tension by 0.2 inches. Quite a small change, but you will quickly pick it up, and your dick will be grateful for your careful handling. And now you will be able to carry it outside the house by doing different things. But loose pants are always a plus.

On Monday, you should wear it for 4 sessions of 45 minutes (3 hours in total), with 30-sec stretching exercise breaks for 30 seconds. On Tuesday, or day 2, there will be 4 hours: 4 sessions of 60 minutes with the same breaks. Day 3 is a rest day; Day 4 is a day of 4.5-hours-wearing, or 3 sessions of 90 minutes and the stretching exercises for 30 seconds.

On day 5, you should wear your device for 5 hours 15 minutes: 1 hour 45 minutes session – 30 seconds stretching exercise – and repeat. Days 6 and 7 are rest days.

Then you can extend the wearing time on that principle.

The rest pause should not exceed 2 days, and the wearing time interval, ultimately, should not exceed 12 hours.

You know what you’re doing. A properly performed shaft and glans enlargement lasts for several hours and can even remain on the following day. These are your psychology and subconscious at work. You can literally pump up a portion of increased self-confidence with your own hands.

Indeed, the “mental erection” can also be trained. That’s exactly what happens when you use SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro or PHALLOSAN forte products. No doubt about it: the brain receives clear signals and cannot help but accept them. Actual enlargement impresses your way of thinking.

More Than a Toy

The product is a high-quality, excellent enlargement mechanism. Besides its function is to generate stiffness and firmness, which remains half erect even after the orgasm. It stays large for several hours, and then for several days, too. The SizeGenetics deals with various medical problems.

Erectile dysfunction, whether physical or psychological, is a curable disease.

Our test shows that the SizeGenetics and Quick Extender Pro are therapeutic instruments for both causes of the disease.

Let’s take a brief look at the best-known about medical characteristics and advantages of them.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Here he is in a position to provide “first aid”, so to speak. The mechanical principle stimulates the blood flow in the penile tissue. Accompanied by the stimulation with hands and sexual arousal of your partner, the extender gives you a perfect hard erection.

This doesn’t only amaze the partner, but your brain. It starts feeling that something is still possible. That’s a psychological reaction. Self-confidence is rising. The libido grows together with the stimulated organ.

The stretchable connective tissue is traversed by stretchy vessels. The strength of the erection depends on their blood circulation. The extender supports the existing capacity of your muscles. The pelvic floor muscles should also be strengthened. The situation can change for the better with the use of SizeGenetics model because of the increased blood circulation of the narrowed blood vessels. The effect is really convincing in every way.

Stretches to the Best

The connective tissue can thus be continuously changed from its original form to the one you’re willing to have. It’s stretchy.

The extenders use this flexibility mercilessly to help you achieve the desired goal.

Slight deformation provoked by pulling of the connective tissue layers brings them into a new form. The result may be temporary at the beginning (which is normal), but with regular training activity, you’ll get desirable length and thickness permanently.

You’ll get the amazing effect from the very first use. The size of the male organ becomes so impressive that people who think that their penises are too small get unpredictably convinced of the opposite.

The Curvature of the Penis

A curvature can have many causes and does not always have to be so bad to deal with surgery.

A slight curve is natural. If you have a distinct upward curve you’ll give an undreamt-of pleasure for the woman, as this emphatically stimulates her G-spot.

If you feel like your curve is unnatural (as on the picture above), remember that an extender pulls the tissue evenly in all directions, so that unevenness is compensated.

In the long run, the change in connective tissue results in a strongly decreased curvature.

Whether your fellow becomes completely straight again depends on the degree of the curvature. The use of the stretching belt in combination with an extender sleeve is certainly a possibility that should not be underestimated.

Bottom Line & FAQ

Despite popular beliefs and misconceptions of many conservative thinkers, the mechanical option is indeed amazing in achieving unbelievable results.

It is not only a sex toy amazing many women controlled by their disbeliefs and false expectation, but also an outstanding medical tool.

This device will give you a great erection, which lasts longer, and this result can be achieved within the shortest time. It can also have a healing effect on erectile dysfunction; it is suitable for penile curvature; it successfully deals with unsatisfactory size (2). All these things make this instrument gentle and pleasant. You shouldn’t forget about the lubricant.

Does a SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro or PHALLOSAN forte Version Work at Their Top?

There are two ways to maintain sexual performance provoked by the device. The result of the enlargement can last for several hours, depending on your regular non-erect size.

Regular use will enlarge organs of any size on a permanent basis.

You can try to use a cock ring in a combination with a device to get astonishingly long-lasting erections. This will also add up to your orgasmic sensations: you’ll get mind-blowing climaxes followed by incredible relaxation. You’ll probably be hunting for this feeling for the rest of your life.

How Can an Extender Be Cleaned?

Your extension tool should be cleaned after every use. The plastic material is insensitive to conventional shampoos and bath additives. Even hot water cannot harm the device. Keep it clean with a little detergent and a washcloth. You can also buy brand cleaning creams.

Is That What Women Are Afraid of?

The ladies are more likely to be afraid of the enormous enlargement tool that can be found after the use. The device does not look very romantic: don’t forget to hide it before you start the sex plays not to shock your lady.

Make it a tiny secret that helps you take care of your woman’s satisfaction.

Sometimes small secrets can have impressive consequences.

Where Can I Buy the Penis Extenders?

The devices are available in various sex shops and drug stores. That’s the point where you’ll have to reveal yourself and get to one of the local drug stores personally. You may even run into your friends, neighbors, and girlfriends. The easiest way to get these models privately is to order it online. The online shopping platforms like Amazon offer a wide range of models. The devices are shipped in a completely neutral packaging with no signs of what is in it.


  1. A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile-extender device in the treatment of ‘short penis’
  2. Effect of penile-extender device in increasing penile size in men with shortened penis: preliminary results

What are the benefits of using a penis extender?

For some men, penis extenders are a wise choice when it comes to improving the size and shape of their manhood. While results do vary with any penile enlargement device, there are several potential benefits to using a penis extender.

The first benefit of using a penis extender is that it can help to increase the length and girth of your manhood.

This means that you will have an improved experience during sexual intercourse. The extra volume can also mean an increase in pleasure for both partners.

In addition to increasing penis size, penis extenders can also help to improve penile curvature. Penis curvature is caused by Peyronie’s Disease which causes an abnormally curved erection due to scar tissue build-up in the shaft or head of the organ. A penis stretcher can be used to straighten out this curvature resulting in improved sexual performance and more pleasurable experiences for both partners involved.

When used as directed, penis extenders also provide long-term benefits such as stronger erections and improved blood circulation throughout the organ’s tissues which may lead to better sex drive overall. Additionally, using a penis stretcher regularly can reduce premature ejaculation and help men last longer during intercourse – something that most couples would appreciate!

Penis stretching devices are typically safe when used as directed but it’s always best to consult with your doctor before purchasing one just in case there are any medical concerns that need addressing prior to proceeding with treatment. With proper use, these devices could be your ticket to a larger and straighter member – something that could potentially improve both your self-confidence levels as well as your bedroom performance!

1. Increased Length and Girth – benefits of using a penis extender

The idea of using a penis extender to increase both the length and girth of your penis may sound appealing, but there are real risks associated with this procedure.

While it is true that many men have reported positive results from using a penis extender, there are many potential side effects that can occur as well.

Before deciding if it is right for you, it is important to understand the potential benefits and risks involved.

On the plus side, using a penis extender can add length and girth to your member. This can be especially beneficial for those who feel their penis size does not measure up in comparison to others. Additionally, some studies have found that an increase in penile size could lead to improved sexual performance and satisfaction. Finally, regular use of a device like this might even help improve overall circulation throughout your body, resulting in better health overall.

However, there are some serious risks associated with using a penis extender too. For one thing, they can cause pain or soreness if worn for too long or at too high intensity levels. In addition, improper use of these devices can result in bruising or even broken skin on the penis shaft. It’s also worth noting that these devices do not come cheap—the cost can range anywhere from several hundred dollars up into the thousands depending on the quality and design you choose.

Ultimately, whether or not using a penis extender is right for you depends on your individual goals and situation. While it is possible to add both length and girth through its use, you should weigh up all of the potential pros and cons before making any major decisions regarding this type of device.

2. Faster Growth in Penis Size – benefits of using a penis extender

Penis enlargement is something that many men are interested in.

But, until recently, it was difficult to find a safe and effective way to achieve the desired results.

Fortunately, with the advent of penis extenders, men now have access to a reliable and proven method of penis enlargement that has been scientifically proven to produce measurable results in terms of both length and girth.

A penis extender is an adjustable device that is worn around the shaft of the penis for several hours during the day. It works by gently stretching the penile tissue, which causes micro-tears in the cells. The body then naturally repairs these tiny tears by creating new tissue, leading to increased length and girth over time. This process can be compared to weight training at the gym; as you lift weights your muscles become bigger and stronger when they heal from their workouts.

The benefits of using a penis extender go beyond just size increases though; users have also reported improved sexual performance such as increased erection strength and duration as well as better control over orgasm timing. Furthermore, some research has suggested that regular use may also help improve urinary function due to improved blood flow throughout the entire genital area. With all these potential advantages combined into one device, it’s no wonder why so many men are turning to penis extenders for their sexual enhancement needs!

3. Improved Erectile Function – benefits of using a penis extender

The human body is an amazing thing, and it’s capable of incredible feats. One of those feats is improved erectile function through the use of a penis extender.

For men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, or have difficulty maintaining a healthy erection, this device can be a game changer.

A penis extender works by gently stretching the penis to increase its length and girth over time.

By gradually increasing the tension on the penis with each session, it can help improve circulatory health and make erections easier to achieve and maintain. Additionally, this device can also help to increase sexual sensitivity and pleasure for both partners by providing more stimulation than before.

Not only that, but using a penis extender is completely safe and free from any side effects. It’s also non-invasive so there’s no need for surgery or drugs involved in its use. Plus, unlike other treatments for ED such as medications or injections which provide temporary results at best, using a penis extender can deliver long-lasting results that you can enjoy for years to come.

If you’re looking for an effective way to boost your sexual performance and confidence in bed, then trying out a penis extender might be just what you need! With regular use over time, you could experience significant improvements in your erections – allowing you to make love like never before!

4. Increased Sexual Confidence – benefits of using a penis extender

The idea of using a penis extender may sound intimidating to some men, but the truth is that this type of device can be incredibly beneficial for those who are looking to increase their sexual confidence. Penis extenders are designed to help men achieve better erections and increased size, which can then lead to improved performance in the bedroom.

A penis extender works by gently stretching the penis over time, creating micro-tears in the tissue that repair themselves and result in new cell growth.

This process not only increases length and girth, but also improves blood flow to the penis, helping users maintain stronger erections for longer periods of time.

And with increased size comes increased confidence—something that many men find invaluable when it comes to their sex life.

In addition to physical benefits, there are psychological ones as well. Men who use a penis extender often find that they have more control over their erections and ejaculations, which can lead to greater pleasure during intimate moments. Many people also report feeling less self-conscious about their bodies when using an extender, which helps them relax and enjoy sex without worrying about how they look or perform.

So if you’re looking for a way to boost your sexual satisfaction and enhance your self-confidence in the bedroom, consider trying a penis extender. It might just be what you need!

The best penis extenders and injections for length and girth growth

Penis extenders and injections are two of the most popular methods for men who want to increase their penis length and girth. Both of these options can provide impressive results, but it’s important to understand the differences between them before selecting a method.

When it comes to penis extenders, they work by stretching the penis with a traction device.

This can be done manually, or with an automated device that applies consistent pressure on the shaft.

By applying this tension, new tissue grows along the length of the penis, allowing it to become longer and thicker over time. Although there is no scientific proof that this process works, some users have reported significant gains in both size and girth after using an extender for several months.

Injections are another option for men looking to increase their size and girth. These involve injecting a substance into the soft tissue of the penis that helps stimulate growth in both length and width. While this method is far faster than using an extender (results can be seen within days), it does carry certain risks such as pain, bruising, inflammation and infection if done incorrectly. Therefore it’s important to consult a professional before attempting any type of injection-based treatment on your own.

Ultimately, when deciding between an extender or injection for penile growth you need to consider your goals, budget and comfort level with each approach. Penis extenders offer a safe way to gradually increase size over time while injections may deliver faster results but come with more potential risks involved.

1. Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is a medically-endorsed penis extender that has been designed to help men achieve their desired results in terms of size, length, and girth. It works by gradually stretching the penis lengthwise over time and can be used to reduce the curvature of the penis as well.

The device comes with a comfort belt system which helps maintain consistent tension during use, allowing for more comfortable wear for longer periods of time.

Phallosan Forte also comes with an exercise program specifically designed to maximize your results from using the device.

This includes exercises such as jelqing and kegels, which can help strengthen and increase blood flow to the penis. With regular use, users report increased penile size up to three inches in both length and girth!

2. Quick Extender Pro

The Quick Extender Pro is a revolutionary device designed to help men achieve the penis size they desire. This device has been scientifically tested and proven to be effective in helping men gain up to an extra 3 inches of length, as well as a significant boost in girth. With its patented Dual Strap Support System, it provides incredible stability and comfort while you wear it. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use, while the comfortable fit allows you to go about your day without feeling any discomfort or awkwardness.

In addition to being incredibly easy to use, the Quick Extender Pro also boasts some impressive features that make this device one of the most popular choice for men looking for a bigger penis. It has adjustable tension settings that allow you customize your experience according to your individual needs and preferences.

This means that if you’re just starting out with a smaller penis, you can start off on lower tension settings until you get used to the device and then increase the tension as needed.

The Quick Extender Pro also offers real-time progress tracking so you can monitor your progress and make sure that you’re on track with achieving your desired results.

There is even a built-in safety measure which will automatically stop the device if too much tension is applied, ensuring that no damage is done during use. And lastly, it comes with a 6 month money back guarantee so there’s no risk of not seeing results!

Overall, the Quick Extender Pro is an excellent choice for those looking for an effective way to increase their penis size without resorting to expensive surgery or dangerous pills/supplements. Its impressive features and comfort level make it one of the top choices among men who are serious about getting bigger down below!

3. SizeGenetics Comfort Package

SizeGenetics Comfort Package is the perfect solution for those looking to increase their penis size. It’s a comprehensive system that offers maximum comfort, convenience and effectiveness. The package includes the SizeGenetics device and two types of comfort straps – the adjustable silicone noose strap and the silicon comfort band. The device has been designed with clinical precision, providing comfortable tension up to 2800g per side, which can be adjusted for maximum efficiency and safety.

The adjustable silicone noose strap provides superior grip and security when using the device, while the silicon comfort band is designed to ensure maximum comfort during use.

Both are adjustable and interchangeable for different levels of tension, allowing you to customize your experience based on your individual needs.

The SizeGenetics Comfort Package also comes with several bonuses including access to an online exercise program, instructional videos on how to properly use the device, as well as a carry case for easy storage and portability. Plus there’s also a double money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your results after using the product for 6 months.

This combination of features makes SizeGenetics Comfort Package one of the best options available in penis enlargement technology today! Its clinically proven design ensures effectiveness while its added features provide convenience and comfort throughout your journey towards greater size and confidence.

4. Male Edge

Male Edge is a leading brand of male enhancement products designed to help men achieve their desired size, performance and results. Male Edge has been around for over a decade, offering men a safe and effective way to increase penis size, improve sexual performance and get the most out of their bedroom experiences.

Male Edge’s products are developed using the latest scientific research and cutting-edge technology.

This means that they are able to deliver products that provide real results without any unwanted side effects.

For instance, one of their most popular products is the Male Edge Pro Extender which has been clinically tested and found to be an effective method for increasing penis size. The Pro Extender also comes with an exclusive Penis Health Exercise Program which helps to further enhance your experience.

In addition to improving penis size, Male Edge also offers other male enhancement solutions such as the Ultimate Enhancer Cream and Stamina Booster Pills. These two products work together in helping you last longer in bed while ensuring you have intensified pleasure during sex.

The team behind Male Edge is dedicated to delivering superior quality products that will improve your overall sexual health and experience. They continually strive to innovate on existing technology as well as create new ones so that customers can enjoy maximum satisfaction with every use of their product range. With this commitment in mind, it’s no wonder why many men turn to Male Edge when looking for reliable male enhancement solutions!

5. X4 Labs penis extender

The X4 Labs penis extender is a revolutionary device designed to help men achieve significant gains in penis size, girth and length. Using the principles of traction, the X4 Labs extender works by gently stretching the penis over time, allowing it to become bigger and stronger. The result? A longer, thicker and harder erection!

This device offers both comfort and convenience with its easy-to-use design.

It’s adjustable so you can customize your experience for maximum results.

The X4 Labs also includes a variety of accessories such as comfort straps, support pads and extension bars to make your experience even more comfortable.

The best part? It’s clinically tested and proven to work. Studies have found that users achieved up to 30% gains in length after using the device for several months. Not only that but they also reported increased satisfaction during sex – talk about an added bonus!

So if you’re looking for a way to increase your size without having to undergo surgery or take dangerous pills – look no further than the X4 Labs penis extender! With its powerful traction technology and superior design, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting real results from a safe product.

6. PeniMaster PRO

PeniMaster PRO is a revolutionary penis enlargement device that is designed to give men the extra size and girth they desire. By stimulating the growth of new tissue cells, this device helps increase the size and strength of your penis without any pills, surgery or other invasive treatments.

The unique design of PeniMaster PRO works by using a combination of mechanical stretching and vacuum pressure to gradually stretch and expand the penile tissues over time.

With regular use, you can achieve noticeable results in just a few weeks.

This remarkable product has been clinically tested for safety and efficacy, so you can be sure that it will provide real results for users. It’s also lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it easy to incorporate into your regular routine. Plus, the discreet design means no one has to know about your personal goals!

PeniMaster PRO is an ideal solution for anyone looking to increase their size naturally without dangerous drugs or invasive surgeries. If you’re ready to take your sex life up a notch, then this device could be just what you need!

What is a penis extender?

A penis extender is a device designed to increase the length of the penis by stretching it over time. It works by applying tension to the shaft of the penis in order to stimulate cell growth, thus resulting in an overall enlargement. Penis extenders come in many different sizes, shapes and styles, making them suitable for almost all men. They can be used on their own or combined with other male enhancement products like pumps and pills to maximize results.

Penis extenders are incredibly popular among men who want to increase their size without undergoing expensive and potentially dangerous surgeries or using risky supplements.

They provide a safe, non-invasive way to achieve desired results without any pain or discomfort.

The devices are easy to use and require minimal effort on the user’s part – just strap it on and let it work its magic! A typical session lasts between 10-15 minutes, with most users reporting visible gains within just weeks of starting treatment.

The technology behind penis extenders has been extensively researched over the past few decades with numerous studies validating its efficacy for achieving natural growth. In fact, many medical professionals have even started recommending these devices as an effective alternative to more invasive procedures such as penile injections or surgery. So if you’re looking for a safe and reliable way to increase your size then look no further – a penis extender could be just what you need!

What are the best penis extenders on the market?

Penis extenders are an increasingly popular choice for men looking to enhance their sexual performance. From natural male enhancement products to surgical implants, there is a wide range of options available for those seeking improved size and girth. However, penis extenders provide a unique solution as they can be used without any invasive procedures or uncomfortable side effects. As the technology continues to evolve, more and more men are turning to penis extenders as a safe and convenient way to boost their confidence in the bedroom.

So what are the best penis extenders available? When it comes to choosing a device for penis enlargement, not all options are created equal.

Professional medical-grade devices offer superior comfort, safety, and effectiveness compared to cheaper alternatives found online or in stores.

Such devices should come with detailed instructions on how to use them correctly, as well as personalized advice from experienced professionals who can help you get the most out of your device.

SizeGenetics is one of the leading names when it comes to professional-grade penis extenders. This device offers maximum comfort and safety while simultaneously providing increased length and girth over time through its patented 16-way adjustable tension system. It also comes with a 6-month money back guarantee so that if you’re not 100% satisfied with your results you can return it for a full refund – no questions asked!

Finally, X4 Labs offers an impressive line up of innovative penis enlargement tools such as their Penis Extender Pro System which features three different levels of tension allowing users to customize their experience according to their individual needs. X4 Labs also provides comprehensive customer support ensuring that their customers get the most out of their investment in every way possible!

Ultimately, whichever type of penis extender you decide on will depend on your individual needs and preferences but these three brands should give you an idea of what’s available among professional grade devices today! With careful research and expert advice you’ll soon be able find the perfect option that meets all your requirements while giving you maximum satisfaction both in terms of quality and performance!

How do penis extenders work?

Penis extenders are devices designed to help men achieve a longer and thicker penis.

They work by applying traction to the penis, which causes the cells in the penis shaft to divide and multiply, leading to an increase in both length and girth.

This process is known as cellular or tissue growth.

The most popular type of penis extender is a vacuum-based device that uses suction to keep the penis firmly in place while an adjustable tension system applies traction along the entire shaft. The tension can be adjusted depending on what your desired results will be, allowing you to slowly increase or decrease pressure as needed.

With regular use of a penis extender, many users report increases in length anywhere from 0.5 inches up to 2 inches over time. Some users have also reported gains in girth as well, though this isn’t typical with most devices. Additionally, some users claim that their erections have become stronger and harder due to increased blood flow throughout the area due to increased tension on the tissue and nerves of the penis.

While there are no guarantees when it comes to using a penis extender, they do offer a non-invasive way for men looking for additional size gains without surgery or other invasive treatments like injections or pumps. Ultimately it’s up to you if you want to give them a try; just remember that consistency is key for any kind of success!

What results can I expect from using a penis extender?

The answer to this question will depend largely on the individual, as everyone is different and the results they achieve will vary.

That being said, penis extenders have been found to be successful at increasing both length and girth of the penis in many cases.

A good quality extender should provide noticeable results within a few weeks, although it is recommended to use an extender for at least 6 months for optimal results.

It is important to note that when using a penis extender it is necessary to follow proper instructions and use the device consistently over an extended period of time in order to maximize its effectiveness. Additionally, while some users may experience results quickly others may need more time before they begin seeing any changes.

In terms of length, many men who use a penis extender can expect up to 2-3 inches of additional length after 6 months of consistent use. Regarding girth, it is possible for users to gain up to 1 inch in circumference with regular use over several months. Finally, increased blood flow can also result from using an extender which can lead to harder erections and greater sexual performance overall.

Overall, if you are looking for an effective way to increase your size then investing in a quality penis extender could be just what you need! Just remember that patience and consistency are key when trying out any new device or product; so don’t give up too soon!

Are there any risks associated with using a penis extender?

Penis extenders are devices that are designed to help men enlarge the size of their penis.

They work by stretching the tissue of the penis and helping to increase both length and girth.

While these devices may offer some men positive results, there are also risks that should be considered before deciding whether or not to use one.

The most common risk associated with using a penis extender is skin irritation caused by the device rubbing against the skin for long periods of time. This can result in friction burns, which can cause pain and discomfort. It is important to check your device regularly to make sure it fits correctly, as an ill-fitting device can worsen these issues. Additionally, if you experience any skin irritation while using an extender, you should stop using it immediately and consult a doctor if necessary.

Another potential risk associated with penis extenders is damage to blood vessels or nerve endings in the area due to prolonged use of excessive force when attaching the device or during stretching exercises. Therefore, it is important to read all instructions carefully when using a penis extender and follow them exactly as instructed in order to avoid putting too much strain on your tissues.

Finally, some studies have suggested that regular use of a penis extender may lead to scarring of the penile tissue due to increased tension on certain areas over extended periods of time. This could cause permanent damage if left untreated or ignored over time, so it is important to monitor any changes in your body closely while using an extender and seek medical advice if necessary.

Overall, there are some risks associated with using a penis extender but they can be minimized by following directions carefully and paying close attention to any changes in your body during use. If you decide that an extender may be right for you then make sure you consult a doctor before beginning any treatment plan so they can ensure that it is safe for you specifically and provide guidance on how best to proceed safely.

What is the difference between traction devices and penis extenders?

Traction devices and penis extenders are two different forms of male enhancement products.

While both aim to increase the size of the penis, they use very different methods to achieve this goal.

Traction devices work by applying a steady and controlled force to the penis, which encourages tissue growth over time. This is achieved through a device that wraps around the penis and applies pressure in a specific direction for an extended period of time. It is important to note that these devices should only be used as directed, as excessive or incorrect use can cause damage.

On the other hand, penis extenders are designed to be worn for longer periods of time and usually require more effort from users. Most extenders consist of a harness that is attached to adjustable metal rods with tension springs at either end. The tension springs help apply tension to the penis, which triggers cell division in the tissue and encourages permanent tissue growth over time. Unlike traction devices, however, there are some risks associated with using an extender such as skin irritation or bruising due to improper use or fitting.

Ultimately while both traction devices and extenders can potentially increase the size of your penis over time, it is essential that you understand how each product works before investing in one so you can decide which one might be right for you personally.